Chicago improv team: Freak Show

Are You a fan of Horror or Sc-Fi films? Have You ever seen a Ghost, Ghoul, or Manmade Monster? Do You Have a Zombie Survival Plan? Have You ever considered a career in the Alchemical Arts? Can You pronounce: “Klaatu Barada Nikto?” Do You have an aversion to Garlic, Silver, or Wolfsbane?” Are You one of the Things that go bump in the night? Then This Show Is For You! Late Night Freak Show is a live talk show hosted by the mad scientist Dr. Rotwang Malevelo, and his side kick Huxley: a television announcer who’s brain was transplanted into a Venus Flytrap. Styling itself after classic Sci-fi & Horror B-movies Freak Show aims to take you on a fun journey to explore the genre of horror & various aspects of the Paranormal. It’s a comedy filled night devoted to celebrating all things Monstrous, Mysterious, & Mystical. You don’t want to miss it.